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64 Lewiston Road Gray Maine Cole Farms Family Restaurant Pub Bakery

 64 Lewiston RD
Gray, Maine 04039


Thompson's Orchard & Bakery

Breakfast & Bakery at Cole Farms

Cole Farms has teamed up with Thompson's Orchard & Bakery. We are
joining forces to bring you an enhanced experience. We have created a Bakery/Cafe
atmosphere that is open in our lobby area. We will strive to use natural ingredients
in our products, sourcing from local farms/businesses. We will be offering our famous homemade Thompson's donuts! We also offer breads, muffins, pastries, pies, cookies and more. As we move forward, we are excited for the joint effort of our two Maine family owned companies and the ability to offer more to our current and future customers. We thank you for your patronage and continued support over the years, it is greatly appreciated.

At our Café you will be able to run in and grab a coffee and pastry to go or sit at the
counter and order your favorites.

If you have questions please feel free to email or call us anytime.

Fresh Made Donuts Everyday!

Baked Goods
Price List

.80 each
4.10 1/2 Dozen

7.90 Dozen

 Cookies 1.40
 Muffins 2.10
 Crisp Topping Bag 3.98
 Pies 13.75
 Macaroons 1.40
 Cupcakes 2.85
 Bizmarks 2.50
 Whoopie Pies 3.50
 Rolls & Biscuits
 Bar Cookies 3.75
 Sweet Breads - Slice 1.35
 Croutons 1.50
 Bread Full Loaf 4.99
 Chocolate Croissants
 Cone Cakes 3.80
 Ginger Snaps 2.95
 Carrot Cake 4.50
 Cream Horn 1.40
 Pumpkin Pie Dip 4.25
 Apple & Strawberry
 Rhubarb Crisp 6.85

 Breakfast Items
Quiche 4.99
Breakfast Pizza 2.50 per slice
Both Items when Available

Fresh Thompson's Orchard Apple Cider, Apples and Pumpkins Have Arrived!

Thompson's Orchard Apple Cider

A Peck of Apples

Restaurant Pub Bakery Gray, Maine outside Portland, Maine

Local Family Owned Restaurant
Family Restaurant with home cooked fresh meals
Bakery with home cooked baked goods
Pub offering Happy Hour Specials every day
Banquet rooms for events
Price Range $-$$

Serves American Cuisine

Best Restaurant to Eat at in Maine Cole Farms

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